Michigan Winter! A Real Winter Wonderland


Michigan Winter! A forecast of snow… and more snow… and more snow.

Michigan winter! A winter wonderland for all those sport enthusiasts who rely on Michigan’s Michigan Wintersnow for downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, and so much more! To these winter lovers a forecast of “a chance of snow” is cause for great rejoicing. Combined with the excitement of getting ready for a season of whatever winter sport they indulge in.

A forecast of snow… and more snow… and more snow. What is wonderful for the winter enthusiast, is dreaded by your roof. The feet of snow needed and wanted by the skier are a danger to your home. Storm damage in addition to the piling snow can be catastrophic to your home.

That dangerous snow accumulation on your roof can best be removed by a snow rake. Now one of the winter’s “hot” items in addition to skis, gloves, insulated boots, etc.  The beauty of the snow rake is that its extended handle enables you to pull the snow off your roof without climbing a ladder! You must keep in mind that the danger of snow and ice to your roof is also a danger to you! The other hazard to avoid is touching your rake to a power line.

So, how much of the snow do you clean off of your roof? Is there a need to remove it all? Unless you have a low roof or a long snow rake, this is difficult! No, there is no need to remove it all. Starting from an edge, begin removing two or three inches along the bottom of your roof. Work your way around by using smooth, downward strokes. Trying to clean all of the snow off will not only risk damage to you roof’s shingles, it is unnecessary since the threat is blocking the gutters. Preventing your gutters from being blocked of ice is the best way of reducing damage to your roof by the feet of snow.

Michigan is, indeed, a beautiful winter wonderland! Enjoy its awesome beauty! But do so safely – whether you’re out there protecting your home, or participating in winter sports be cautious and aware.

As the snows from the Michigan winter piles up, so does the damage to your roof. In order to keep this damage to a minimum and remove the snow safely.