Spring into Action!

This winter has been brutal!  Maybe that long-awaited Spring is just around the corner?  If so, we are ALL ready and waiting.


With Spring comes melting.  There is more direct sunlight; the sun is much warmer.  Finally those dazzling icicles are disappearing along with most (and hopefully) all of the snow.  Now you may finally be able to tell how your roof fared.   Did it make it through the winter in tact?  What about your gutters?

Once the weather warms up and the ice and snow start melting, there’s one sure way of knowing how your roof and gutters have made it through:  “It’s leaking in here!”  Following the leak back to its source allows you to “fix” it by clearing away the ice dams that most likely have built up allowing ice to melt underneath shingles or in the crevices between the gutters and the soffits.

Obviously, it is very important for the snow-melt to run off your roof with little to no problems.  So in addition to clearing any ice dams, the gutters themselves must also be checked to make sure that they are clear.  Any leaves or other debris left over from Fall need to be cleaned out.  Just as in clearing ice dams and accumulated snow, clear out your gutters safely.

What are some other signs of damage should you look for?

  • Curling, bubbling shingles
  • Deteriorating or cracking shingles
  • Missing shingles
  • Granule loss (granules collecting in the gutters and downspouts)Split seams in soffits or gutters
  • Split seams in soffits or gutters
  • Dents in vents, gutters, or flashing


The dreaded leaking roof causes other issues besides the apparent water damage. Wood rot and mold formation can eventually compromise the structural integrity of your roof.  Water seepage into your basement can result in cracks in your home’s foundation.  Also keep in mind that if you do try to deal with the problems yourself, you may end up doing more damage to your gutters as well as the roof.

Your roof does more than just keep you covered; it also protects your home, your most valuable asset.