Did Your Gutters Hang in There? Or Are They Hanging On?

Did Your Gutters Hang in There….


Are They Barely Hanging On?

GuttersSpring is here!  The brutal winter is finally over!  Did your gutters survive the heavy amounts of snow and ice?  Are they sagging?  Did they manage to hang in there and do the job they were designed for? Namely, drain the excess water from your roof?  Did the snow and ice and water wash your gutters out?

Gutters are more than just an added decorative touch to your roof.  Not only do they play an important part in draining water and preventing ice dams, they also prevent damage to your home’s exterior.  Including paint or shingles, plants, and more.


If your gutters are, sagging or pulling away from your home, you may need to consider repair. Sometimes replacement is needed.  Other signs signaling damage include:

  • Peeling paint
  • Excessive stains
  • Mold
  • Water marks
  • Erosion in landscape
  • Rotting wood of decks, doors, and windowsills
  • Cracking in driveways, patios, stairs, and patios
  • Cracks in the foundation

If damaged gutters are not repaired, these “small” issues can grow into larger ones if they’re not resolved.  Water can leak into your basement.  Cracks in your foundations can result into major repairs.  Standing water can also be a problem, it causes mold and other problems.  With respect to your gutters, replacement is a more expensive solution.  So take care of the problem when it arises and save yourself the headache and bills.

Take care of those sagging gutters now or pay for the consequences later.