3 Hazards of Severe Summer Storms

Summer Storms are Here The wonderful, awesome summer is finally here after a long, hard winter.  But so are the hazards of severe summer storms.   Whether it’s severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, or hailstorms, make sure your family’s safety is number one.   These storms can wreck havoc on your home.  Especially your roof.  The three main […]

Spring Cleaning: Don’t Forget Your Roof!

Spring Cleaning is Upon Us Finally, the harsh winter is over!  The trees are budding as well as spring flowers! Along with the warmer weather comes the time for spring cleaning – both inside AND out.  Just don’t forget your roof! Here is a checklist highlighting some problems to look for: Shingles that are curling, […]

Did Your Gutters Hang in There? Or Are They Hanging On?

Did Your Gutters Hang in There…. or Are They Barely Hanging On? Spring is here!  The brutal winter is finally over!  Did your gutters survive the heavy amounts of snow and ice?  Are they sagging?  Did they manage to hang in there and do the job they were designed for? Namely, drain the excess water […]

Spring into Action!

This winter has been brutal!  Maybe that long-awaited Spring is just around the corner?  If so, we are ALL ready and waiting. With Spring comes melting.  There is more direct sunlight; the sun is much warmer.  Finally those dazzling icicles are disappearing along with most (and hopefully) all of the snow.  Now you may finally […]

Beautiful Icicles Are Here But Beware of Ice Dams

Icicles! Beautiful icicles sparkling in the wintry sunlight create a bigger problem…Ice Dams But… those dazzling icicles are an ugly menace to your roof. Now that the weather finally seems to be on a warming trend, the icicles are not only appearing, but seem to grow before your very eyes. Beautiful! Especially with the warm sunlight, […]

Michigan Winter! A Real Winter Wonderland

  Michigan Winter! A forecast of snow… and more snow… and more snow. Michigan winter! A winter wonderland for all those sport enthusiasts who rely on Michigan’s snow for downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, and so much more! To these winter lovers a forecast of “a chance of snow” is cause for great rejoicing. Combined […]