Storm Damage


Storm damage and hail damage roof repair in Michigan is a common roofing repair with residential and commercial properties throughout Michigan.  Storm damage can come without warning and turn your life upside down.  Watt’s Roofing specializes in storm damage to your roof when lightening, hail and other storms affect your home.

We know that quick response is important to reduce more damage from occurring, and making sure your home is secure so you can get on with life.  We are available 24 hours a day for emergencies that affect your home.

Hail can size from pellets to large ice chucks that fall extremely fast from the sky during all types of storms.  Hail damage to your roof can happen when any size hail storms down. It is always a safe precaution to have a roof inspection if you think you had any amount of damage to prevent future damage more relevant.  Even a small issue can turn to a huge deal if not fixed when it occurs.

Hail and storm damage can affect more than your roof, your shingles, siding, and gutter systems of your home or business can suffer severe damage.  This roof damage can happen any type of storm that has rain, lightening, hail or high winds.  Be safe and call Watt’s Roofing for all your needs and roofing repairs.


If you are looking for a storm or wind damage repairs for your asphalt shingles, metal roofing, vinyl siding, wood or aluminum siding and any type of gutter systems, be safe and call Watt’s Roofing for all your needs and roofing repairs.

Your search for a Storm Damage and Wind Damage and 24 Hour Emergency damage response is over! Some of the storm and wind damage services we offer include:

  • Temporary Repairs
  • Permanent Repairs
  • Roofing, Siding and Gutter Clean-up of storm damage
  • Roofing Board-ups
  • Siding Repairs / Gutter Repairs
  • and much more.